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Welcome to WebSiteNOW!(TM) WebSiteNOW! is the comprehensive new site-building, web-hosting, and site-traffic monitoring tool from WebSiteNOW! features a combination of design freedom and solid design foundation.

WebSiteNOW! allows your creativity to run free by letting you place any of the 5 types of content displayed on this page in any editable section in your site. You can put images, text, bullet points, links or links within text in any of the sections of your site.

Once you have built and published your site to the Web, WebSiteNOW! has a traffic meter so that you can check and see how many visitors you are attracting. This traffic meter can be found in the Administrative Options menu. Just enter the date range for which you'd like to check your site's traffic, and you will see a display of pageviews for each individual page in your site. But remember, the traffic meter will only be enabled once you build and publish your site to the Web.

Please quickly read the helpful hints listed to the right before you begin building your site. There are a few crucial hints that will help you use the site-building tool with ease.

After you've read the hints, get ready to express your creativity and create your very own professional-quality website. Get ready to become a designer!


  2. You must proceed through all steps in the Quickstart Wizard to set up the basic design elements of your site. Once you have completed the Quickstart, you can add your own content to each section of your site by clicking the pencil button next to each editable section.

  3. Don't use the "Back" and "Forward" buttons of your Web browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape) when using the WebSiteNOW! editing tools. The security measures built into WebSiteNOW! will force you to restart your editing session if you use these buttons. Please only use the "Back" and "Continue" buttons within the actual WebSiteNOW! software .

  4. If you wish to add, subtract, or change the layout of editable sections in the page you are working on, click the "Change Page Layout" button in the blue bar at the top of the main menu.

  5. If you find that there is not enough vertical spacing between sections, use the "Enter" key to create extra space at the beginning or end of your content sections. This method also works for separating bullet points.

You can include links within sections of text. has thought of everything in its new WebSiteNOW! product to help you create the site you have always dreamed of.

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